Deep Blue Hostel &
dive center

We Deep Blue Diversa.k.a. DBD (PADI S-3791) is located in masbat st. the Center of the old Bedouin village of Dahab,Egypt.

The sea is where we do our business; which, obviously, is scuba diving in Dahab.

We pride ourselves on being passionate, professional, and personalized in all our Red Sea scuba diving trips.

Our staff will ensure your Red Sea scuba diving experience is at the high standards you expect. We offer PADI scuba diving courses for beginners to experienced divers, guided dives at the many dive sites of Dahab, and diving safaris by either live aboard or camel treks, we have it all to make your  Red Sea Scuba diving experience one you will never forget.

Deep Blue is a  PADI 5 Star***** Dive Center which means we are certified by PADI as providing the highest standards of education and professionalism, borne out by the ‘PADI Excellence in Dive Centers Award’.

Following PADI standards, our professional instructors are more than happy to get you through all courses. From the “Discovering Scuba Diving” to “The Divemaster Course”, different specialties and the Dive Master Training, they are there to assist you in your diving evolution, to show you from where it should start and where it can go.

As mentioned earlier, Deep Blue Divers are there to share the experiences which our instructors hold in their hearts, in their past. It is way too beautiful to keep to themselves. It needs to be spread all over, including to you!

Our courses are offered in multiple languages.English,Japanese, Arabic…You name it, you get it.

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