Blue Hole Dive

We are situated right at the very heart of Dahab, an old Bedouin village, in the midst of remarkable surrounding landscapes of the Red Sea and Sinai Mountains. The sea is where we do our business which, of course, is scuba diving dahab. As we are lucky enough to be situated right on the glorious Red Sea, we can guarantee that your diving experience with us will be fantastic and unforgettable, with abundant varieties of exotic fish, beautifully colored corals and plenty of sparkling, crystal clear blue water! We specialize in everything from diving to snorkeling, and can offer you much more, such as an array of dive safaris, either by boat, camel or jeep. Deep Blue Divers has been providing top quality scuba diving holidays in the Red Sea since we first opened our doors back in August 2000.

Scuba dive to the gorgeous Blue Hole 

Our friendly staff will ensure your Red Sea scuba diving experience from beginner scuba diving  courses to experienced divers, guided dives at the many dive sites of Dahab and diving safaris by either live aboard or camel treks, we have it all to make your  Red Sea Scuba diving experience one you will never forget

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Get started with these popular diving activities

PADI Courses

Diver certification begins here.
Start with PADI online elearning course.Move to the sea and practice your new skills.then experience open water dives.

Holiday Packages

We provide a scuba diving holiday packages in combination with accommodation and airport transfers with affordable prices to meet our customer expectations.

Guided Dives 

If you are already certified diver ,then you can join our daily guided dives to explore the best dive sites in DAHAB including canyon and blue hole dive sites for advanced divers.

open water course

عروض للمصريين

جهزنا مجموعة عروض متنوعه وممتازه للمصريين عشان تناسب الغواصين والمبتدئين وغير الغواصين