Blue Hole is one of Dahab's most famous dive sites.

 Located about 30 minutes jeep ride from Dahab. it is accessible from shore with entry into the blue water just a few meters from rocky shoreline. Bedouin type facilities surround the main entry / exit points, with toilets, seating, food and drinks available.

Whilst entry into the Blue Hole pool is one option. quite a nice alternative is to make a short walk to the north. along the rocky coastal path and enter through a gap in the shoreline rocks. This is done one diver at a time. Divers can then dropdown an enclosed chimney in the reef exiting at 30 meters onto the sheer wall.

The reef is near vertical at this point and as you head south (right shoulder to the reef). you’ll come around an outcrop which makes for some fantastic silhouette photographs looking up towards the sunlight. The reef wall is home to lots of clownfish anemones. the blue backdrop makes a great viewing point for trevallies, jacks, barracuda and also possibly white-tip and grey reef sharks.

Dahab Diving

As you travel south and ascend you will come to a colorful hard coral slope at around 10 meters. However it leads up and over at 6 meters into the blue hole pool. however it is best to spend most of the dive on the outside of the reef as the inside pool. because it has little in the way of coral.

afterward Use your safety stop to either swim across the pool or around the edge  until you reach the exit. because current usually goes north to south,  so the northern entry point is often a good option. then drifting down to the pool with the current.

blue hole dahab

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