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Sinai And Red Sea

Sinai covers an area of 64 ,000 Sq KM , it is located in a very unique and strategic point.

In ancient times it was the main pilgrims route and ground for many cultures. Most of the sinai peninsula today is arid desert. The interior is an arid moonscape of jagged mountains and ranges that harbors Sinai most famous archeological monument, the St Catherine monastery and mount Sinai, it is where god give to Moses the ten commandments.

To know about St. Catharine click here.

However the south is is the most beautiful part of the whole peninsula, it has the most exquisite coral reefs and the best diving spots in the whole world

Among the most famous cities in Sinai are:

The city of Sharm EL-Sheik

The city of Dahab

The city of Nuweiba

The city of Taba