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The city of Nuweiba

The small developing town of Nuweiba is located 465 kilometers away from the Suez; it is suited in a special position between the two cities of Dahab to the South and 85 kilometers away from Taba to the North.

Nuweiba is also positioned just opposite to the Jordanian port of Aqaba the reason that made Nuweiba an important Egyptian port in the Gulf of Al Aqaba. This is the reason why the city has a significant commercial importance as it is one of the most important Egyptian gateways to the Arab world and Asia.

Near the Nuweiba Port, you can buy a lot of products that are duty-free. The common port area is full of shops and supermarkets, where one may find a good bargain for products and goods that are not available in Nuweiba Town.

The word Nuweiba means the springing water in old Arabic and the town held that name because of the many water wells that are spread all over its land. The name of the town was also taken from the castle of Nuweiba built by the Egyptians in 1893 as a police guarding point for this area of South Sinai. The castle contained fresh water well within its walls and a number of stone huts where the families of the policemen used to live. This castle is now located in the area called Nuweiba El Trabeen.

The history of the town goes back to when it was used as a resting and a meeting point for pilgrimage trips from Africa to Mecca and back.



Nuweiba has an area that is around 5097 kilometers where a lot of touristic attractions were built such as hotels, restaurants, and diving centers which made the town an important touristic destination that is much cheaper than other resorts in Sinai like Sharm El Sheikh or Taba.