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Egypt Culture and Traditions


Egypt is a country with an immense cultural mix, In every major city in Egypt you will find traditions that remain from the time of the Pharaohs, and in other parts you will find pure tribal customs that were brought in by many invaders throughout the centuries. The Egypt culture immense the traditions, languages, history & civilizations at ancient places. That contradiction and contrast between areas of Egypt, when you compare it with other Middle Eastern countries, is what makes Egypt seem advanced against some of the others. Yet here you will find that the customs and mentality tends to be full of warmth towards visitors and foreigners.

I guess this could be the secret why Egypt is considered the most attractive country in the region for travelers. The pure nature of the local Egyptians pops up whenever you need help or when they invite you into their homes and when they hardly know you, or when they smile in your face! All of that makes a visit to Egypt a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


Egypt's population is around 92 million. Around 80 million of them are Sunni Muslims and about 12  Million are Coptic Christians (Christian Egyptians), although public statistics indicate that they are not more than 9 million. Whether Muslim or Copt, the Egyptians are moderately religious and religious principles are quite noticeable in their daily lives. Here each family member is responsible for the integrity of his or her family and for the behavior of other members, creating an environment that would be envied by many people in the West. Here they are very close to each other, family ties are far stronger than in the west, and that is why you will find any major city in Egypt is a lot safer than any western metropolis.