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The City of Dahab


Dahab is an attractive touristic city in South Sinai. It is considered to be the second most famous city in Sinai, after the world wide popular city of Sharm El Sheikh, according to the number of tourists who visit Dahab annually. Dahab in Arabic means gold, and the city was named "Dahab" because of its golden sand beaches.

In the past, Dahab was only a small fishing town until the Egyptian government gave it more importance in the late nineties and built a number of resorts and hotels in this beautiful resort of Dahab. The government added a lot of services and facilities in different sections of the city to increase the number of the tourists who visit Dahab every year.

Dahab which consists of more than 1130 square kilometers, is located on the Aqaba bay in the Sothern Eastern of Sinai 100 kilometers North of Sharm El Sheikh, 135 kilometers away from the Israeli city of Elat , and 465 kilometers away from the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel.

Dahab is famous for its golden sand beaches, from which it took its name. This is besides its fascinating diving spots, as diving is the most popular activity to do in Dahab. The city is famous for being the cheapest diving resort in Sinai in comparison to other resorts like Sharm El Sheikh and Ras Suder.

The most significant factor about Dahab is that you can find quite inexpensive, comfortable, clean hotels that range from 15 to 40 dollars per night, and you can find expensive international luxurious hotels and resorts as well. Therefore, Dahab is suitable for tourists from all countries and all social classes to enjoy the unique golden beaches and the distinctive sea activities.



Dahab is perfect for anyone wishing to do a little retail therapy. Countless bazaars and retail shops selling a variety of clothes, perfumes, sheeshas, beautiful home decorations, hand made carpets, spices, and of course Egyptian jewelry are competing for you. You can also find hair art (rusta) shops and gorgeous hand painted Egyptian style artworks. A plethora of internet cafes along with pharmacies and supermarkets will make everything you need only a short stroll away.





Dahab has it all from cheap and delicious Egyptian meals to authentic foreign dishes and most restaurants serve fresh fish direct from the Sea. Take a stroll along the promenade and you will find yourself puzzled as to which restaurant you will choose to spend your evening. Assalah is well known for its fierce competition amongst the restaurants which are beset along the sea shore. A colorful sprawling array of lights and decoration enhances the bohemian atmosphere created by the plethora of palm trees & funky reggae beats. Of course the distinctive smell of double apple sheesha is constantly wafting through the night air.